Win more servicing deals

Stand apart from your competitors with an engagement platform that works with your existing systems to boost your clients’ retention strategy.
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The digital engagement platform to differentiate your retention capabilities

Help your clients generate more value from your servicing book with a digital platform that works seamlessly with your existing systems.

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Win new clients. Elevate the differentiation of your platform with a flexible and modular recapture solution — and win more clients in the process.

Grow revenue from existing clients. Win a higher share of business from current clients, and generate increased revenue for every loan you service.

Increase client loyalty.  Be the go-to loan servicer for your clients, improve brand loyalty, and reduce churn rates.

Retention Strategy

Provide a new marketing channel for your clients

Make your subservicer integral to the retention strategy of your clients with a new marketing channel that helps them supplement mailers and telemarketing with digital offers.

A new profit center

Haven generates revenue, rather than adding to costs

Your clients pay for a separate subscription to Haven. So there's no risk to participate.

A best-in-class solution

Offer Targeting

Existing solutions

Banner ads with account targeting

  • 11+ offer types tailored at the 

    Higher app start, completion, & conversion rates

How it engages

Existing solutions

Displays data on a dashboard and 
calls it engagement

  • Simplify financial options

  • Inspire willingness to act

Borrower goals

Existing solutions

No ability to uncover borrower goals

  • Uncover financial goals with high response rates

Ongoing monitoring

Existing solutions

No ongoing monitoring functionality

  • Enrollment in credit/equity monitoring

  • Create reasons to engage

  • Obtain up-to-date contact information

  • Build ongoing trust


Existing solutions

Generic experience for every borrower

  • Tailored based on borrower profile

    Higher engagement rates, ongoing trust

Alignment with your 
recapture strategy

Existing solutions

Not configurable at the broker/LO level

  • Configurable at the broker/LO level

    Empower your loan officers with highly qualified leads

  • Multi-tenancy support

    Improve your value proposition to correspondent 
& wholesale partners

Alignment with 
your brand

Existing solutions

Limited configurability based on brand

  • Highly configurable based on your brand

    Build greater loyalty with your customers

Data accessibility

Existing solutions

Difficult to retrieve borrower 
engagement data

  • Access impression, view, and click data in real-time

    Novel data to inform propensity models and targeting


Existing solutions

Limited integrations with your 
existing systems

  • Integrate with your existing POS, MMS, and other systems

    Seamless application experience for your customers